The River Coln attracts much wildlife to Bibury, including the rare black swan in this mini-vid. However, the birds must reckon that tourist offerings make easy pickings, and this creature is no exception.

I’ve always taken great care to recall my late Mum's warning, “Never feed the swans David - they’re bad tempered, and a flapping wing could break your arm.” I don’t really know how true the danger is, but I didn't fancy chancing my arm on a bet with this large bird, angry or not!

Research for this piece also raised doubt on another belief of mine, that all swans belong to the Queen. I’m told that in reality, ownership applies only to, “unmarked mute swans on open water”, and even that right is only extended to parts of the Thames and its tributaries.

Right then - roast swan for dinner anyone? Maybe not!


  1. I'm with you; listened to a fascinating and frankly terrifying programme about Swans on Radio 4 coupld of years ago. Stay away David, a wing flap could break your arm!


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