HERE'S AN EXCITING BOOK PROJECT by one of the best photographers in England. Tim Andrew made his name with top-line car photography for famous automotive marques, and now he has extended his digital image making into the world of books, focused on Brill windmill.

Tim has lived in the hilltop village of Brill, Buckinghamshire, for a quarter century, and has faithfully recorded Brill's unique architectural feature, the 17th century post mill (featured in this week's header pic) that stands as a proud guardian overlooking a panorama of English countryside that extends to the western horizon.

And now Tim Andrew has brought together his luscious images in a handsome full-colour hardback book, unsurprisingly called Brill Windmill. Tim is using Kickstarter to fund the book.

I lived next to Brill Common for many years, just a stone's throw from the Mill, and can confirm Tim Andrew's description of Brill as a "wonderful village."

Do go and visit if you can, and check out Brill Mill, which is usually open on summer Sundays, as is the ice cream van parked nearby, and of course The Pheasant Inn if you'd like to watch the sun go down over a glass or two.

For more info on Tim's book, click on the project at Kickstarter here.

You can see more of Brill Mill and the village itself with the aerial drone movie (below) posted by YouTuber Richard Grant. Oddly, there's no audio in it, but the visuals are well worth a look.


  1. Many thanks for posting this. It's an exciting process launching a book, especially via a crowdfunding site. I'm sure you will enjoy the book as much as I have creating it.
    yrs Tim Andrew


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