Thanks to the work of talented photographer, Nikhilesh Haval, we have a link to a VR (Virtual Reality) on-screen view of the Visions Show in Chipping Norton.

Click here to have a look.

You navigate the VR easily using your mouse. If you're using a smartphone or tablet, hand gestures should do the same thing.

The pictures on the gallery walls are from The Little Book of Chippy, with a few extras added.

Plus, there's a 'Cabinet of Curiosities' filled with just a few of the many books that I've written. A quartet of framed images includes two mounted Loch Ness Monsters, plus an 'Akira Stealth Intruder' for a Japanese client. There's also a panel of sci-fi art, dating back to my days creating the Starcruzer adventure-strip with Gerry Anderson, of Thunderbirds fame.

Visit Nikhilesh Haval's website here. 

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