The pictures are up, and with an interested pre-show visitor in the form of Sue (above) from Yorkshire, ready to pass comment, progress seems to be on course.

Earlier today, there'd been an interesting (aka tooth-grinding) snag with the picture hanging. The carefully-made fishing line hooks got mega-tangled in the few minutes it took to take them to the gallery at Chippy Theatre.

Luckily for the show, we had the skill and patience of Henrietta (below) to save the day, with her untangling and retying of same. So we managed to get all the pictures up and other items sorted.

So, apart from needing to make some sound checks with the Wharfedale speakers, everything seems to be in place. The Visions Show at Chippy Theatre is open for business as from tomorrow Wednesday, September 3, and we'll be pleased to see you there.

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