Early November means the trees are becoming very bare, here in the Cotswolds. The upside is of course the wonderful colours that surround us - greens, yellows, russets, browns - they're all there, mostly now spread on the ground.

Beauty indeed, perhaps best summed up in the words of Shakespeare's John of Gaunt, "...This other Eden, demi-paradise..." However chill the day or raw the wind, a closer look at nature's bounty makes up for it - though a hot cup of tea is welcome when you get inside again!

I followed the public bridleway (below) not far from the ancient Rollright Stones, to be rewarded at the far end by a hugely long and truly spectacular westerly view.

Protected from frost by the dense woodland cover adjacent to the bridleway, a trio of leaves (below) cling on to their summer green. Not for much longer...

Approaching Chipping Norton (below) from the Banbury Road.


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