A Private View at Oxford Brookes’ Glass Tank Gallery last night revealed a fresh crop of creative young guns, Fine Arts students hard at work on the creative edge of the visual arts.

BA³ (Brookes Art Cubed) showcases the culmination of three years hard work by the individuals concerned, all of them now in position to reveal their talents to the world. Some 34 worldwide artists are showing their work, by way of explorations of physical touch, experience of landscape, and the merging of science and art.

Contemporary themes and anxieties are at the show too, as exhibited by the 'paint by numbers' portrait of Jimmy Saville (below).

Alison Honour, Head of School, says, “BA Fine Art at Oxford Brookes encourages students to engage critically, explore imaginatively, take risks and as a result form an independent fine art practice.”

The BA³ exhibition was opened by internationally respected artist, Tamarin Norwood, and students offer guided tours throughout the exhibition.

Interesting stuff and another winner for Brookes. And I should know, as my daughter, Emily, took her Foundation Year at Brookes. She is currently working in London with the Saatchi Gallery, at the renowned ‘Collect’  International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects.

BA³ is on from today, Saturday May 11, until May 17, 2013. Opening times are 10.00-18.00hr daily.

More information on the BA³ artists here.

Information on the Collect International Art Fair here.

Tamarin Norwood here.

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